Postcards. What comes to your mind when you think about postcards? Perhaps you are thinking of those long ago days when a postcard came to your house from a relative or friend who was visiting some place on vacation. Indeed, that is what we have come to associate the word ‘postcard’ with. Small cards with a picture or a photo with an interesting caption on the front and a space to write on at the back.

But lo and behold, the present has changed all that. Postcards, like other forms of mailing and communication, has also taken a diverse change both in form and function, evident in postcard designand postcard printing of contemporary postcards. For a designer, postcard designs are like candy. They are so much fun to make, they look cool, and what’s more they’re handy, concise and can be kept as souvenirs or mementos as well as a tool of very effective marketing and publicizing.