Greetings from Beth Ballaro / Founder of Level2Creative

Otherwise known as a Marketing Extraordinaire – I help ambitious growing businesses to make their marketing pay.

Having seen both sides of the agency/client relationship and worked with budgets from a shoestring to multi-million dollars, I’m well placed to help people get the most from every penny they have. And, that’s what I now do. I help ambitious growing businesses to make their marketing pay.

There are many types of marketing consultants – strategic thinkers, day-to-day project managers, general doers, or specialists. Each has a different price tag. There are some blurred lines between these types, but it’s unusual to find someone who is genuinely brilliant at all four. I’m a strategic thinker.

And, I love it. It takes a lot of listening, to really understand a company and what they’re trying to achieve. My particular skill is to bring together the experience I have, and the knowledge I’ve accrued, to work out what the company needs to do to develop a watertight marketing operation that delivers sustainable profits. This ranges from working out how to present their products, to getting the right marketing tools in place, to configuring a set of marketing activities to get their name out there.

Feel free to reach out to me for any Marcom needs. I’d love to connect!