Monetize your site

With all the time and effort taken to create insightful, thought-provoking and informative blog content perhaps one should consider the next step…monetization. WordPress has a host of free plugins to help you do just that.

Ad Injection: 

This plugin allows you to place any type of advertisement such as Google Adsense, Amazon AssociatesClickBank, TradeDoubler, etc., into both posts and pages. There are myriad ways to control the number of ads, apply restrictions and more.


Simplistic plugin that allows for rotating ads within your blog. Control ad size and grouping appearance. Click through rates are available as well as other vital stats.

Affiliate Link Cloaking:

Handy tool that allows you to hide affiliate links from visitors so that you don’t worry about visitors remove your affiliate id and visit product website directly. Track hits and unique visitors and more…

Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer:

A must have for all Amazon affiliates. Never miss out on the sale again by forgetting to use an affiliate link…this plugin handles this for you.

Cleeng Content Monetization:

This plugin allows you to protect any page, post or media content. Allows visitors to “pay-per-view” via daily passes and / or subscriptions. All safely and securely.

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