Optimizing SEO

According to digital marketing expert Jordan Kasteler, 1 in 3 of all Google searches has local intent. This means users search for and expect local information in SERPs, and now more than ever, priority should be given to optimizing on-site and off-site strategies for local SEO.”
What steps have you taken in your own business to optimize for local SEO?

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Video Promotion

If you haven’t thought about creating videos to promote your business you should. Youtube has over 1 billion users yet only 61% of marketers are using that network.

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Why Your Brand Needs Voices

There is indeed value in having a consistent voice for an audience, but that does not imply brands should have the same voice for everyone. And while brands should have a unifying purpose, it doesn’t follow brand should have a single voice to express that purpose.” – Michael Andrews, Storyneedle

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Digital Trends

While brands are spending more money on new and exciting technological breakthroughs, it turns out that the consumers they’re marketing towards would rather see improvements to the technology they already use, as opposed to trying something new.

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Marketing Then & Now

How did marketers advertise in the 1940’s? Take a look through this Ad-Mans book and catch a glimpse of the past.

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Responsive Web Design

There is NO doubt that Responsive Web Design is very important for today’s web development point of view. Smartphone and tablet adoption has rapidly increased, so has the importance of mobile-friendly websites. Smartphones and tablets have changed the approach toward design and user experience.
Here is a responsive website that #L2C built for
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