Teach a Man to Fish: Moving from Facts to Wisdom in Marketing

Written by Anna Johansson

In the world of SEO, tips posts are your bread and butter – people love it when you tell them exactly what strategies to use in order to build professional success. The problem with these posts, though, is that they break a basic rule of teaching: offering the “how” without helping your readers understand the “why.”

Answering the question, “why should I do this?” is the most valuable thing you can do for your customers because it gives them insight into the marketing process. Anyone can follow a rule, but when they understand the rule, then they can extrapolate from there, developing new strategies independently. It’s not as easy, but what you lose in simplicity, you make up for in effectiveness and influence.

It’s time to move your blog from tips to wisdom, to give your readers a look at the “why” underlying your recommendations. They’ll come away thinking more critically and excited to see what insights you’re going to share next.

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